Mary Haller

After a successful decade as a songwriter in the commercial country market, Haller shifted her focus to film and TV licensing and has thrown herself into it with joy and passion. In addition to her numerous artist cuts, she now has a growing list of sync placements.


Haller’s superpowers include:

  • Toplining ("I never met a track I didn't like")
  • Solo-writing
  • Crafting fresh, unique lyrics
  • Writing in a variety of styles and genres

Things she loves:

  • The soul-funk resurgence
  • Working with talented indie artists
  • Being of service to sync agents, music supervisors and their projects
  • Seeing how music can enhance and elevate picture
  • Discovering cool new artists through her college-age daughter

Haller’s Commercial Country catalog is signed with Nashville publisher Woody Bomar/Green Hills Music Group in Nashville.


She divides her time between Massachusetts and Nashville, TN.


July, 2022

Mary Haller - Songwriter